Workers Compensation and Employment-Related Stress

In Missouri, an employee who suffers an injury within the scope and course of his or her employment is entitled to workers compensation benefits. However, all work-related injuries are not the same as an injury can manifest itself in different ways. Generally, workers compensation claims are filed by employees who were physically injured on the job. On the other hand, fewer claims are filed by those who sustained mental or psychological injuries during the course of their employment. It is important to recognize that employees are still entitled to workers compensation benefits when they suffer from those injuries and conditions of a mental or physiological nature, even in the absence of an actual physical injury. 

In such instances, benefits will be awarded if the stress associated with employment was a substantial factor in causing the psychological injury, or if a work-related accident is the direct and proximate cause of the mental injury. If you  suffer from an employment-related stress that is extraordinary, unusual and induced by actual events, you should   consult an attorney to hear about your recover options.

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