Workers Compensation: Artificial Devices

In a recent case, an employee suffered a traumatic amputation of her left-middle finger while operating a punch press. After consulting several doctors, her employer brought her to a hand specialist who prescribed her a custom-made prosthetic finger. The employer and its insurance company, however, refused to provide the prosthesis, contesting that it was not medically necessary.

The court did not agree. Siding with the employee, the court held that the employer was under a statutory duty, pursuant to RSMo §287.140, to provide the prescribed prosthesis and future medical care related to the maintenance, care, and replacement of the prosthesis. After hearing testimony from the prescribing physician, the court found that the prosthesis would relieve the employee, to a degree, of the negative effects associated with her amputated finger and the employee would receive functional benefits from the prosthesis, both physical and psychological. For the court, this was sufficient evidence to support a finding of medical benefit. It is important to note that RSMo §287.140 specifically requires the employer to provide artificial devices if they will serve a medical benefit to the injured worker. If you were injured at work and are unsure whether you are covered under Missouri Workers Compensation Law, you should consult an attorney.

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