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Common Workers Compensation Questions

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What is workers compensation?

Workers compensation is a law in Missouri that is contained in chapter 287 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri. This is the law that governs when an employee has an injury, death or occupational disease that arises out of and in the course of employment. If your workers compensation case has been denied, it is possible that you were told that your injury was not caused by work. The employer is relying on the above language to deny your case.

Is a worker with carpal tunnel syndrome still entitled to workers comp benefits?

Yes. An occupational disease that is caused from repetitive motion can be covered under the workers compensation law. For the most part however, an employee does not know this diagnosis until sometime later and is soon thereafter told that their work comp claim is denied. Don’t believe this. We help people all the time with carpal tunnel and other repetitive trauma injuries recover what is rightfully owed to them under the law.

I need medical treatment for my work comp injury. What do I do?

Missouri workers compensation law allows you 3 benefits when you are injured on the job. One of them is medical treatment to be paid for by the employer. However, in order to receive this benefit you must give your employer the right to chose which doctor you are going to see. So, upon reporting the injury to your employer, if you need medical attention, you need to ask for it. If you go to a medical facility other than what is designated, you could be held liable for those medical bills.

What if I am sent medical bills for my workers comp injury?

Immediately notify your employer or insurance contact person that you are receiving these bills. Remember, if you chose to get treatment on your own, you may be liable for those bills, so be sure to ask to be treated as soon as you can.

What if the doctor says that I can’t work right now because of my workers compensation injury, how am I supposed to get by?

One of the benefits of the work comp system is that if you are off of work for a period greater than 3 days, you are entitled to receive 2/3 of what you normally made per week up to a state set limit and based upon the 13 weeks prior to you being injured. These workmans compensation checks should continue until you are released back to work.

Will I be paid mileage for my trips for visits to the work comp doctors?

Missouri workers compensation law allows you to be compensated fairly for reasonable expenses associated with your travel to a medical facility that is outside of your local area or the local area where the work injury occurred.

What is the Second Injury Fund in Missouri workers compensation cases?

The Second injury fund was created for injured veterans coming back from war to be able to compete in the open labor market. Today, it is funded by a surcharge on insurance that employers pay to their insurance companies. The Second Injury Fund provides additional benefits to injured workers.

First, you can receive additional compensation for the way past injuries relate and interact with your current work comp injury. The more injuries you have and the more severe they are, the greater the benefit likely will be. If you are deemed to be totally disabled as a result of all of your past injuries as well as your current one, the second injury fund may liable to pay you weekly checks for the rest of your life.

Second, the Second Injury Fund will pay you back for income lost from a secondary job. This means that if you are hurt at one job and unable to work at the other, the second injury fund is going to cover a portion of that for you.

Third, the second injury fund will pay for your medical care if the employer does not have insurance but was required to. All of the workers comp benefits are designed to give some protection to both you and your employer in the event of a worker being injured at work.

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