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Payment for Lost Wages

Missouri Workers Compensation Attorney
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Missouri Workers Compensation Laws provide for payment of lost wages should you miss time at work due to a workplace injury.

There are so many times when an injured worker cannot return to work and is faced with the possibility of having to pay every monthly expense with no income coming in. The MO workers compensation system is set up to pay 66 2/3% of the injured workers average weekly wage for the time period when he or she is unable to work. Often times the insurance company delays or denies these weekly workers comp checks for any reason they can come up with. This can force the injured employee to accept a workers compensation settlement offer that is less than what the law allows. At Roskin & Hoffmann we deal with this issue all of the time and are able to get these weekly checks not only started but with back pay for all of the time the checks should have been paid. This allows the injured worker to make whatever payments he or she has to in order to heal properly and get back to work.

In order to be eligible for this the injured employee must be deemed temporarily totally disabled. This status is proved through a doctor who gives his or her opinion as to the condition of the employee. This can take place directly after the injury or even after a surgery as the employee recuperates from the operation.  The workers compensation insurance company doctor will at times give an opinion that the injured worker is able to work when he or she really is not. It is often times a good idea for the employee to return to work to try and perform his or her job activities and report any problems to his or her employer that is being experienced. If this does not resolve the situation, we at Roskin & Hoffmann can send you to see one of the few doctors we trust to give an opinion as to the workers ability to work and his or her need for more medical treatment. This is a valuable benefit that many injured workers need to utilize. If this is the situation you find yourself in, please give us a call so we can assess what can be done in your workmans compensation case. Don’t be forced into a work comp settlement, get everything that you are entitled to obtain from our MO workers compensation law.

Workers Compensation Payment for Missing Time at Second Job

There are also times when the injured worker has a second job that he or she can no longer work at due to the injury. The second injury fund in MO will pay for this lost time as well.  Since this is not a workers compensation benefit that the employer is liable for, but it is still a result of the injury, the State of MO decided to take the liability off of the employer and take care of it themselves. The second injury fund is funded by a surcharge on all workers compensation insurance premiums with a maximum of 3% to be paid. With this money, the second injury fund provides many benefits, one of which is the payment of second job wage loss.

These workers compensation benefits are vitally important to an injured worker and should not be dismissed by the employer or insurance company. If you find yourself fighting for this benefit allow an experienced workers comp firm to go to work for you.

Contact an Experienced Workers Compensation Lawyer

The St. Louis Workers Compensation Lawyers at Roskin & Hoffmann, LLC have extensive Work Comp experience and we have handled some of the most complex Workers Comp cases throughout Missouri. If you have been injured at work or have a questions regarding payment for lost wages, call our knowledgeable attorneys at (314) 821-9013 or send us a Workers Compensation question. We look forward to helping you. All communications are returned promptly.

Workers Compensation Lawyers at Roskin & Hoffmann, LLC based in St. Louis, Missouri have extensive work comp experience. Learn about your rights to payment for lost wages.


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