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Workers Compensation Benefits

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Be familiar with your Workers Compensation Benefits if you are injured on the job.

A work related injury can be a traumatic experience. If you or a loved one has been injured on the job or exposed to an occupational disease in the course and scope of your employment, the Missouri Workers Compensation Law provides certain benefits for the injured worker and their family. If you have experienced delays in receiving your Missouri workers compensation benefits, please do not hesitate to contact the experienced workers compensation attorneys at Roskin & Hoffmann, LLC for a free consultation.

This section of our website is intended to provide an overview of the workers comp benefits provided for injured workers. To better help you understand the benefits available to an injured employee we will discuss the following work comp benefits:

Workers Compensation Medical Treatment: Missouri workers compensation laws require the insurer or employer to provide medical treatment to their employees. It is the responsibility of the employer or insurer to cover all costs for authorized medical treatment, prescriptions and medical devices.

Payment for Lost Wages: There are so many times when an injured worker cannot return to work and is faced with the possibility of having to pay every monthly expense with no income coming in. The MO workers compensation system is set up to pay 66 2/3% of the injured workers average weekly wage for the time period when he or she is unable to work.

Permanent Partial Disability: An injured worker is entitled to workmans compensation payments for any injury that is permanent in nature, meaning that it does not totally heal back to 100% and is partial in nature, meaning the employee is still able to return to the open labor market.  In layman’s terms PPD (permanent partial disability) is the difference in how your injured body part was before the injury and how it is after the injury.

Permanent Total Disability: An injured worker is entitled to payments of weekly checks for the rest of their life if it is determined that he or she is unable to compete in the open labor market for a job, thus making them unemployable. When the person’s inability to work is solely from the injury that was sustained at work, the work comp benefits are to be paid by the employer/insurer.

Second Injury Fund Claim: The second injury fund (SIF) was created in 1943 to  benefit employees with a prior workplace  related disability.  The creation of the SIF helped limit the liability of employers to that of the injury that took place while the employee was working for them.  When an employee sustains a work related injury, and that injury taken in conjunction with all prior injuries leaves the employee unable to compete for work in the open labor market, the employer after 1943 was only liable for the last injury.

Workers Compensation Death Benefits: The survivors in the case, typically the spouse or the surviving dependent children, are entitled to weekly benefits from the employer/insurer. This is in an amount of 66 2/3% of the deceased employee’s average weekly wage subject to a statutory maximum. Funeral expenses must also be paid by the employer/insurer up to $5,000.00.

Third Party Claims: If you have been injured while at work you are entitled to workers compensation benefits for lost wages and medical expenses. In certain cases you may also pursue third-party claims against other negligent parties, such as a co-worker, after a workplace accident.

Social Security Claims: Most of the time, for an individual to be eligible for Social Security benefits he or she must have worked in a job covered by Social Security and have a medical condition that meets their definition of a disability. Such disability or medical condition must have lasted at least one year or resulted in death.

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