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Workers Compensation: Covered Work Injuries

Workers Compensation: Covered Work Injuries

Missouri Workers Compensation Lawyer
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If you are injured at work and uncertain of your Workers Compensation Rights, contact an experienced work comp attorney.

Any injury or occupational disease that arose out of and in the course of employment is a covered work injury for the purpose of bringing a workers compensation claim. In order to prevail in a MO workers compensation case, the worker must be able to show that he or she suffered an accident or occupational hazard and that was the prevailing factor in causing the resulting medical condition and disability. A common defense used by workmans compensation insurance companies is to claim that the injury was idiopathic in nature. That is to say, the injury arose from an unknown source.  It is the responsibility of the injured worker to prove that his or her injury is a covered work injury. That makes hiring a workers comp law firm like Roskin & Hoffmann, LLC all the more important.

Additionally, there are workers compensation cases where a worker is injured either coming to or going from work. These workers comp cases, and their compensability, are a matter of the specific facts surrounding the injury, and are very case specific. The same applies to lunch breaks, smoking breaks or any other breaks the employer might grant during the day.

An occupational disease is commonly seen in the following examples:

  1. Repetitive motion injuries – the common examples of this type of injury include carpal tunnel syndrome, epicondylitis, bursitis,  and carpal boss syndrome.
  2. Hearing loss – being exposed to loud noises for an extended period of time can cause hearing loss in one or both ears.
  3. Radiation/chemical exposure – this can lead to cancer, tumors or other illnesses.

There are also times when a worker suffers more injury as a result of treatment.  If going in for a surgery ends up causing more problems for the injured worker, the employer must take responsibility for more treatment to cure and relieve. This controversial decision handed down in Proffer vs. Federal Mogul Corp. ensures that it is the responsibility of the employer to treat any problems that result from treatment of the original work injury. This might also include payment for time off of work or permanent and total disability payments to the injured worker for the rest of his or her life.

Because there are so many different scenarios potentially affect your MO workers compensation case, it is important to hire a work comp firm with experience and knowledge to advise you as to your legal rights and options. Our workers compensation consultations are free so call today.

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The St. Louis Workers Compensation Lawyers at Roskin & Hoffmann, LLC have extensive Work Comp experience and we have handled some of the most complex Workers Comp cases throughout Missouri. If you have been injured at work or if you have questions regarding if your injury falls under workers compensation , call our knowledgeable attorneys at (314) 821-9013 or send us a Workers Compensation question. We look forward to helping you. All communications are returned promptly.

Workers Compensation Lawyers at Roskin & Hoffmann, LLC based in St. Louis, Missouri have extensive work comp experience. Learn what injuries are covered.


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