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To be an intentionally small boutique law firm dedicated to meeting every need of our clients through the personal handiling of each claim by a partner attorney.

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To maximize compensation for each and every client, obtain weekly paychecks for any time off work and get the highest quality medical care you deserve.

Have you injured your back at work?

So often a potential client walks in our doors and has complaints about their back, numbness, tingling and even some loss of strength. Most often, when an insurance company hears complaints like this, they get a doctor to explain to the injured worker that he or she was not injured at work but that the injury is pre-existing. We have even some across a case where the employee gets hurt at work, he complains of back pain for the first time in his life, gets an MRI and it shows a bulging disc. The doctor working for the insurance company then tells him that when there is pain right after a work injury, even if there is a positive MRI, that it is not related. COME ON! 

It is examples like this that explain why we at Roskin & Hoffmann, LLC have jobs. We would not be representing any injured workers in Missouri as workers compensation attorneys if it weren’t for insurance companies terrible treatment of injured workers.  So, if you have been hurt at work, don’t be surprised when you are told that your injury is not work related. The insurance companies are just hoping that you won’t call an experienced workers compensation law firm with excellent workers compensation lawyers and attorneys like Roskin & Hoffmann, LLC. 


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