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Losing my Job After Getting Hurt at Work

For as long as we have been doing this line of work, and that is a long time, we have seen many wonderful people lose their jobs all because they filed a workers compensation claim. In the past, there wasn’t much that an attorney could do to help this situation. However, the Supreme Court of Missouri just changed all of that with one stroke of the pen. In JohnTemplemire, Appellant vs. W&M Welding, Inc., Responden, the court ruled that if someone is fired, they only have to show that part of the reason for their termination was based upon their work injury. Before, the fired employee would have to show that it was the ONLY reason for their termination. That meant if they were late one day or said something careless, they could be fired, even if everyone knew the real reason for their firing was their work comp claim. Now, all that has to be shown is that the firing is related to the workers compensation claim. While this may not be entirely clear to the lay person, this change in standard will have an enormous impact.

If you believe that you have lost your job or that you may lose your job because you were hurt at work or because you filed a workers compensation claim, call us today to see how we can help. There is nothing worse than fearing the security of your job. With this ruling, and with the help of a trained lawyer, that fear of losing your job can now be replaced with confidence.

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The St. Louis Workers Compensation Lawyers at Roskin & Hoffmann, LLC have nearly 50 years of combined Work Comp experience and we have handled some of the most complex Workers Comp cases throughout Missouri. If you have been injured at work and you have questions about losing your job after filing a workers compensation claim, call our knowledgeable attorneys at (314) 821-9013 or send us a Workers Compensation question. We look forward to helping you. All communications are returned promptly.

Workers Compensation Lawyers at Roskin & Hoffmann, LLC based in St. Louis, Missouri have nearly 50 combined years of work comp experience. Call our attorneys today.


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