Our Vision

To be an intentionally small boutique law firm dedicated to meeting every need of our clients through the personal handiling of each claim by a partner attorney.

Our Misson

To maximize compensation for each and every client, obtain weekly paychecks for any time off work and get the highest quality medical care you deserve.

Our Workers Compensation Experience

We pride ourselves on being a firm that handles almost entirely workers compensation matter in Missouri. Our attorneys have over 50 years of combined experience handling work comp cases in St. Louis and throughout the entire state of Missouri. Our results speak for themselves as we have been able to obtain sizeable results for our clients. Some who cannot ever work again and some who just need to go to the doctor for a couple of visits.

Our attorneys know from experience that injured workers are desperate and need an experienced workers compensation attorney to protect their rights and help them get back on their feet. Our experience helps get the injured worker weekly checks, paid medical benefits and a settlement at the end of the case. If you are looking for a workers compensation lawyer in St. Louis, Missouri, we are the firm to call.

Contact Our Experienced Workers Compensation Lawyers

The St. Louis Workers Compensation Lawyers at Roskin & Hoffmann, LLC have nearly 50 years of combined Work Comp experience and we have handled some of the most complex Workers Comp cases throughout Missouri. If you have been injured at work, call our knowledgeable attorneys at (314) 821-9013 or send us a Workers Compensation question. We look forward to helping you. All communications are returned promptly.


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