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Workers Compensation: Missouri’s Second Injury Fund

One the of the flaws attributed to the workers compensation system is the underreporting of injuries. This is a significant problem that occurs for a variety of reasons. For example, workers may decide not to report injuries sustained on the job for fear of retaliation by their employer. Instead, they elect to obtain treatment at their own expense. As a result, the employee bears the cost themselves or passes the cost   on to their health insurance provider. Many experts in the health care sector have opined that this has contributed to the increased cost of health insurance nationwide.

It is unlawful in most states for a business owner to terminate or refuse to hire an employee for having reported a work injury or filed a workers comp claim. Notwithstanding the illegality of the employer’s conduct, it is often not easy to prove discrimination solely on the basis of the employee’s claims history. Missouri, like many other states, has created a solution to this issue by establishing the “Subsequent Injury Trust Fund”. The fund reimburses insurers for benefits paid to workers who suffer aggravation or recurrence of a compensable injury.

Remember, if you are injured on the job and your employer is required to obtain workers comp coverage, you have a legal right to file for workers comp benefits.

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